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“‘I felt gently and skilfully ‘held’ throughout,
thank you so much for this life-changing training”

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About Mindfulness Hampshire

Ali Lambie started Mindfulness Hampshire in 2011 when she was part way through taking a master’s degree in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses with Bangor University. A long-time counsellor, she was working in the NHS at the time as Manager of Southampton’s Primary Care Counselling Service and first began teaching Mindfulness to people who’d received counselling within the service and wanted to learn mindfulness to support them in the longer term. This swiftly led to offering courses privately to members of the public and so Mindfulness Hampshire came into being.

In time, Ali gradually increased her independent mindfulness work and left the NHS behind in 2014. Since, she has been offering a whole range of mindfulness events to the general public, to GPs, therapists and within workplace settings since that time.

In 2013, Ali came across the work of Dr Chris Germer and Dr Kristin Neff in a training known as Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC). This powerful training has become a key offering of Mindfulness Hampshire. Watch a short video of Ali talking about MSC here or listen to a longer interview of Ali talking about mindfulness and self-compassion and how they’ve impacted her life and work here.

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Ali Lambie is passionate about and immersed in the worlds of mindfulness, self-compassion, individual and group work and connection with nature! She has a Masters degree in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Approaches from Bangor University (2014, with distinction), is a trained and experienced Supervisor and Mentor and an international Teacher Trainer of Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) since 2018.
With a background as a psychotherapist in the NHS where she also managed the counselling service for GP surgeries in Southampton for many years, Ali enjoys supporting people make sense of and respond with greater awareness and skill to both life’s joys and its challenges.  
She also enjoys supporting other teachers in her various roles and often has newer teachers working alongside her too. She has a deep love of the countryside and is trained in facilitating practice in nature.

With a background in teaching and counselling, Tim’s formal mindfulness training started in 2007 after several years of meditation practice. Since that time, he has introduced mindfulness to adult clients and students in sixth form college and school.
Tim has trained with the Mindfulness in Schools Project and with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University.

Additionally, Tim has regular supervision, and has ongoing professional development with the UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teachers in line with their Good Practice Guidelines.
Furthermore, he is preparing to teach Mindful Self Compassion, and is working towards becoming an instructor in Qigong, a lovely approach to mindful movement.

He loves the fact that mindfulness is a practice which is open to everyone, irrespective of their beliefs, and can be brought into everyday life to help free us from unhelpful thoughts and feelings so that we live life more fully.
A keen musician who loves the Hampshire countryside.

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