5 day
Mindful Self-Compassion

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Mindful Self-Compassion
5 - day silent retreat

This retreat is an opportunity to deepen your experience of both Mindfulness and Self-Compassion. It meets the requirements to have sat a five-day teacher led silent retreat. 
After an orientation session the retreat will be held largely in silence and will consist of a range of guided sitting, lying, movement and walking practices both in and out of doors, organised around the themes of Mindfulness, Equanimity, Loving-Kindness, Compassion and Joy. There will be plenty of time for self-care in between the group sessions. In the evenings the teachers will offer some reflections on the theme for the following day and at the start of each day there will be an optional early morning practice session. There will be two opportunities to meet in small groups for a time of guided reflection on your experience.

How will this retreat help to deepen self-compassion?

The emphasis of the retreat will be on looking after ourselves, and on nourishing our compassion both through our practice, and through time for relaxation. We will be spending plenty of practice time outside. 

MSC 5 day retreat

Who is the retreat for?

The retreat is for those who want to develop or deepen their capacity to relate more kindly to themselves and their experience, through immersing themselves in continuity of practice in the retreat setting.

It would be helpful if you have already experienced a silent retreat of at least one day (or the half-day mindful self-compassion retreat), but if not, please apply, and we’ll discuss your application with you.

The retreat meets the requirement to have sat a five-day, silent, teacher-led retreat


Further information

Next 5-day MSC retreat will be held at Bonhays Retreat Centre in Dorset

When: Monday 13th to Saturday 18th September 2021

Cost: The cost of the retreat is £895 to include full board and use of all centre facilities including indoor swimming pool.
Teachers: this retreat will be co-taught by Ali Lambie and Zoe Shobbrook-Fisher

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