Mindfulness & Self-Compassion
5-day silent retreat in Iceland

“Just a heartfelt thank you – I can’t imagine it done any better”

5-day retreat at Sólheimar
in Grímsnesi, Iceland

We are excited to be offering this first Mindfulness & Self-Compassion 5-day silent retreat in Iceland from 12th to 16th June 2022. This retreat is for those who have either taken a Mindful Self-Compassion course and/or an 8-week course such as MBSR/MBCT or equivalent and would like to spend time deepening their experience of both mindfulness and self-compassion in a facilitated and supportive setting. Sharing silent practice with one another on retreat provides an opportunity to drop deeply into our experience and to meet it with care and compassion among like-minded people. A strong sense of common humanity often arises from practicing together in this way. The retreat also includes movement and walking practices and small facilitated ‘enquiry groups’ with the teachers. There is also a period of free time each day to listen to your own needs and take care of yourself in ways that nurture and nourish.

MSC 5 day retreat

Further information

The venue
The retreat will be held at Sólheimar in Grímsnesi, Iceland. Solheimar is a world renowned sustainable community known for its artistic and ecological atmosphere. It is a small village set out in the countryside, characterized by vegetation, open common spaces and buildings that nicely co-exist with the landscape. 

The teachers
The retreat will be taught by Vanessa Hope & Ali Lambie who are both Certified Teachers and Teacher Trainers of Mindful Self-Compassion and regularly teach MSC courses and retreats in the UK and further afield. 

£1,145.00 which includes double en-suite room and all meals.

The retreat meets the requirement to have sat a five-day, silent, teacher-led retreat.

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